Medical Diplomats International (MDI) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization promoting excellent  surgical and perioperative care within established clinics and hospitals in underserved areas of the globe.

Our goal is to create  a volunteer network of lasting relationships by working in concert with existing international private, community, and governmental institutions in order to increase global access to surgical and anesthetic care.

MDI volunteers will participate in missions of 1 or 2 weeks duration that accommodate the demands of busy clinical practices at home.

Participation in social and cultural exchanges are an important aspect of programs and designed to promote bonds for communication, support, and friendship.


Donate through the portal in the Support Us section or send checks to the address  listed for Dr. LaFleur in the About Us section.

PLEASE NOTE  that any communications from MDI come solely from Dr. LaFleur and NO other party.  BE CAREFUL OF IMPOSTERS

Use  the email  on the Contact Us page or call the phone number on the About Us page with any questions or concerns. Thank you.