A Busy Sunday - Day 4

What an eventful day! We had an early 7:00am start. First down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, then Lama picked us up and we headed to our appointment with the lawyer Mr. Atul at his office outside the court house grounds. Dr. LaFleur had many questions regarding India’s rules and regulations and establishing an American based society here in India. Mr. Atul answered as many questions as he could, and also recommended a meeting with a CA (chartered accountant). He referred us to Mr. Marwaha. Lama called Mr. Marwaha and set up an appointment for tomorrow (Monday) at 8:00am. After the meeting with Mr. Atul, we went to the CED to spend more time with the children. 

Day 3 - Work and more work.

Good morning! It was a beautiful sunny day with many targeted accomplishments. After breakfast and finally establishing wifi connection for computer work, Lama met us at the hotel and picked us up to do some errands. Lama teased Regina asking “how many games did you play, after you left the children went right to sleep.” Dr. LaFleur had many things she wanted to get done today. Llama brought us to a Hindu temple he called “The Cave.” The cave was about 20 minutes drive away from the hotel.  

India day 2 - Children's Holiday

Day 2

Lama brought us to the local bakery. What would you like for breakfast? Unsure what was in the case, Lama explained a few items. One (1) loaf of bread, two (2) vegetable filled croissants and two (2) cheese filled croissants, and we were on our way. Driving quick around corners and swerving around scooters, we arrived back at the CED in no time. Lama wanted to show us something. 

Regina in India with Dr. LaFleur

First impressions of a staff member in India 11/14/13

At last, all the warnings have made sense, smog! We’ve arrived at New Delhi airport. After minor delays, and the airport staff finally finding a set of airplane stairs that will cooperate - we are allowed off the plane and welcomed by the crisp yet dense air of India. New Delhi airport welcomed MDI staff with open arms, complete with a member of the hotel staff to get us from A to B without any issues. Hotel/airport staff dressed in green button up shirts and kaki pants, and airport police in olive green and red uniform with - shoulder slung guns? Quite the surprise!  The first time comforts of the modernized airport hotel were a blessing, and then after only 4 hours sleep, we’re off to Dehradun. 

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