About Us

Business Address and Contact Information

Medical Diplomats International
1372 Warner Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046   USA 


Medical Diplomats International
432 E Allen Street, Hudson, NY 12534  USA

Tel.# in USA   +1 215-971-5926

  Incorporated 12/01/2008 in  Pennsylvania, USA
  as Medical Diplomats and Medical Diplomats International.

  Logo trademark acquired 07/2009.
  Nonprofit status granted 09/16/2009.
  First corporate board of directors business meeting,
      conference and election of officers 04/21-22/2010.

  Launching of Web site; Phase One 06/20/2010.

Board of Directors

  Carolyn LaFleur, M.D.        Board Certified Anesthesiologist

  John T. Harrington, M.D.    Dean Emeritus and Medical Director of International Affairs (retired)
                                             Tufts University School of Medicine

  Carl Mangione, DPT           Mangione Physical Therapy, Inc.

  Karl Barbatschi, ARM         Risk Management, HCAHealthcare

  Jeffrey Grand, PsyD            Psychologist