Day 3 - Work and more work.

Good morning! It was a beautiful sunny day with many targeted accomplishments. After breakfast and finally establishing wifi connection for computer work, Lama met us at the hotel and picked us up to do some errands. Lama teased Regina asking “how many games did you play, after you left the children went right to sleep.” Dr. LaFleur had many things she wanted to get done today. Llama brought us to a Hindu temple he called “The Cave.” The cave was about 20 minutes drive away from the hotel.  

We walked down marble stairs to various displays of religious statues, and prayer remnants. As we neared the entrance, Lama instructed us “please remove your shoes, they are not allowed inside the temple.” As we rang prayer bells hanging above our heads, we made our way through the cave, gazing in astonishment at the displays. Numerous people remained focused on their prayers as we walked by. Regina took pictures as Dr. Lafleur and Lama walked ahead. The day of the Food Goddess is today, a passing fellow informed us, as he motioned us to her display. The temple located on the side of the river attracts many interesting people. After we were approached by beggars, watched children bathe in the same river people were praying in, and giving the final prayer bell a ring, we climbed the stairs back to the car. Regina observed the towns children pointing at her then hiding from sight as we passed by, only to peek out from behind their parents to get another look at our strange being. 

Back in the car through crowded narrow streets, we made our way to visit Mr. Atul, Dr. Lafleur’s lawyer. Lama assisted us with finding a print shop for some documents and we dropped them off to the court house. This was a curious, and very popular little place. No more than 20X20 in size, it contained two (2) desks, a typewriter, two (2) small wall cabinets for filing, 10 chairs for clients and a prayer alter displayed in the corner. We did some computer work while we sat and waited. The clients in the room glared over Dr. Lafleur’s shoulder trying to get a glimpse of her Apple laptop. Jaws open they stared, as she typed away without notice. Clients came as quickly as they left. Once our turn, we gave our papers to Mr. Atul for review, and made an appointment for review and discussion tomorrow morning at 8am. 

Next we made our way to the Hospital to visit Dr. Rai. The hospital was very busy. Lama lead us to Dr. Rai’s office. A hospital staff member informed us that Dr. Rai had received a promotion, and his office had beed moved. We made our way to his new office and were then informed Dr. Rai was currently on vacation. After a few phone calls we found his daughter was getting married in New Delhi, so we arranged to see him at his home when he returns.

It was time to pick up the children from school. Dr. Lafleur had mentioned to Lama wanting to make time to talk to Taruna’s parents, and as we pulled up at the school, they were standing in front of us. Dr. Lafleur says this is our karma. Lama, Dr. Lafleur and Taruna’s parents had a brief conversation. A meeting was set for 5pm Sunday for Dr. Lafleur to meet Taruna and her family at their house for evaluation of Taruna’s progress. We thanked them for their time, loaded the children into the van and headed back to the CED. After some quiet time at the orphanage more computer work, hot tea and late lunch served by the girls, it was time to head back to the hotel. Dr. Lafleur wanted to stop and get a rock rake for the children to use to clear the walkway outside the store fronts. Lama wanted to stop and get some medicine for the dogs at the orphanage. We made our way through town, on a crowded saturday evening. We drove into the Indian Bizarre. People walked, scooters whizzed by as cars passed in every direction. Cars bump into each other, and by mutual agreement, and without checking damage, continue on their way. Tonight, as a result of this, part of Lama’s back bumper and front license plate ended up missing.

We got back to the hotel in one piece, and after the ride, were no longer sleepy. We resumed our computer work and blogging updates. We ordered and ate dinner at the hotel restaurant while we worked. Delicious traditional naan, Kashmiri Pullao (basmati rice cooked with fresh and dry fruit), and Chicken Tikka (boneless seasoned chicken kebabs). Shortly after we headed to rest, planning for another full day of adventure tomorrow.

Some pictures are now posted, watch for more to come.